What is UX design?

I’ve always been jealous of teachers, lawyers, and doctors. They go to a bar, a party, or even home for the holidays, mention what they do, and everyone nods, understands, and moves along. This isn’t the case for a UX designer … “Wait, a what?”

Forget about friends and family; since leaving Google, I’ve found there to be more confusion than ever — even in the tech industry! — about the title I’ve been sporting on my business card since 2007. It surfaces when I make off-handed comments like, “I don’t care what shade of chartreuse you make the background; that’s not what I do.” The room goes silent, and the collective uncertainty is palpable. After a moment, one guy furrows his brow, cocks his head, and asks cautiously, “So wait … what do you do, then?”

I’ll tackle that guy’s question with a story…

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