What is WordPress and why could it be useful to your business?

WordPress is a free online software program. It allows anyone to create and maintain their own website or blog. With built in social media features, user friendly template, and search engine optimization options, WordPress is valuable and cost friendly for any business seeking an online presence. You can customize WordPress by choosing from an extensive list of themes, or by hiring a designer to build one from scratch.. Some users decide to use free themes or pay for premium themes. However, free themes are not as customizable and can sometimes contain bugs and make site harder to maintain on your own. Premium themes, while better, are not as unique as having a fully customized designed theme. Premium themes offer more options, but are still not as unique as having one created custom for you. Premium themes as well might have bugs or glitches that you might not get from a wordpress website built from scratch. And, while relatively easy to do, experimenting with WordPress’s pre-made themes on your own is very time consuming.

This is where DesignMissoula can come in. Having your WordPress site customized by design professionals will save you time and ensure a unique and memorable appearance to your business’s website. Not only will your WordPress look splendid, it will also be secure and as bug free as possible.

Cost and Details:

Depending on the design and content features needed, the upfront fee for working with one of DesignMissoula’s graphic/web designers on a theme will cost anywhere from $500-$1500.

You will also need to buy a domain name for your website (for example,“www.designmissoula.com”) which typically costs about $11.95/year from providers like www.godaddy.com. In addition, you will also need to purchase yearly hosting. We recommend hostgator.com’s $120 “baby plan.” Hostgator is a high speed service and the baby plan allows you to add more domains as needed which makes it quite cost effective.

What’s in a name?

WordPress offers a free domain name with “Wordpress” in it, like www.designmissoula.wordpress.com. Some people try to use the free one at first, and transition to the paid name later. However, when later comes, redirecting your website can interrupt your business’s workflow and you might as well just invest the minimal cost in the beginning. If you are invested in your company or organization having a strong online presence, it will behoove you in the long run to purchase a domain name.

This all sounds like it’s a lot of money just for a website, right?

Something to keep in mind with a WordPress site is that after it’s designed and technically squared away, you can update it by yourself without having to pay a webmaster when you want to add something to your website. There are also SEO (search engine optimization) benefits to being able to update your website. WordPress has plug-ins that enable you to optimize each post and article, allowing you to be found easily on Google. All of this will ultimately save you money. Updating text and adding images is a fairly simple process—if you know how to use Microsoft Word or send an email, then you can create content in WordPress.

Then what?

You might need to enlist a web designer again to help you back up your site when you run updates (which needs to be done at least every three months) in case anything glitches out during the process. Installing plug-ins, while easily done, can get pretty messy and complicated since not all plug-ins are designed to properly coexist with one another. A web designer can step in and help if any problems arise plug-in incidents. Just watch the number of plugins you use as well.

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