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Design for a Cause

Design Missoula, LLC is based in Missoula, MT and focuses on uniting community and design. Every 1-3 months Design Missoula offers free graphic or web design services to one non-profit who needs help promoting their services more effectively in order to reach the people in their communities they are striving to help. Design Missoula’s passion lies in community and design and helping to serve our community is a top priority.

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Design for a Cause

Some non-profits we have worked with:

Norman McLean Trail

The Missoula Community Foundation which has teamed up with the Seeley Lake Community Foundation to create the trail. Named in honor of Missoula’s beloved author of A River Runs Through It, the Norman Maclean trail will connect the Rattlesnake to the west side of Seeley Lake and open up recreational opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts from both communities.
“It has been a fun learning process and I think it will result in a community gem that teaches us about the natural and cultural history of the region, encourages healthy recreation and honors a great American author, while bringing together the residents of two distinct communities for a common positive goal,” says Printz. Design Missoula worekd with Missoula Community Foundation to create Norman McLean Trail logo.

The Parenting Place: Parenting is an important but difficult job, and there are times when both parent and child can benefit from a healthy break.  Respite provides an opportunity to meet a family’s needs in a positive way. Helped with and revamped website using wordpress, created logo, business cards, and letterhead.

WORD, Inc.: Helped with Many Faces of Women posters and website in 2011 and wordpress website in 2012.

Missoula Exchange Club: Organization focused on preventing child abuse. Helped with their website.

Zootown Arts Community Center: Since 2008, the Zootown Arts Community Center has served as the central bridge between community and art in Missoula. The founders of the Zootown Arts Community Center (ZACC) sought to develop a place where all aspects of art from creation to experience were housed in a single space shared by the community. The space they envisioned now exists as the ZACC. A nucleus of creative activity, this multi-use facility provides opportunities in arts education and economic development, and acts as a safe, creative community center. Created posters, flyers, postcards and membership cards.

Red Cross Montana Humanitarian organization led by volunteers and guided by its Congressional Charter and the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross Movement, will provide relief to victims of disaster and help people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies. Created fundraising poster.
They are committed to making a difference in people’s lives through creating programs designed to inspire healing, responsibility, empowerment and hope. Design Missoula coded wordpress website.

Ryan United: The mission of Ryan United is to bring together resources for education, enforcement, and the development of programs related to the tracking and management of Sex Offenders. Working with Law Enforcement and Corrections Officials Ryan United will strive to assist citizens and communities to gain a better understanding of how to protect themselves against sexual predators. Ryan United works diligently with prosecutors, court systems, and legislators to ensure that our nations children will remain protected from child predators.

Missoula AIDS Council: Missoula AIDS Council is the leading community-based organization addressing the challenges associated with HIV/AIDS in Western Montana. Missoula AIDS Council was formed in 1985 and incorporated in 1989 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our agency’s vision is to live in a community free of new HIV infections and related stigma.

The mission of Missoula AIDS Council is to prevent the transmission of HIV while advocating for and supporting individuals currently living with HIV/AIDS. We effectively serve Western Montana through both case management services and prevention programs. From compassionate care to comprehensive outreach and education, all our programs are designed to empower individuals to make healthy choices every day. We actively collaborate with other community-based organizations, city, county and state health departments, and tribal councils. DesignMissoula worked with them on a “Rockin’ Race” campaign where we designed the logo through design for a cause. The remaining was paid collateral.

Dress for Success: Flyer for event.

Families First/Children’s Museum: Website