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Graphic Design | Visual Design

Your mother always told you, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” It’s no wonder she had to repeat it so often. Humans are designed to make snap decisions based in great part on visual cues. That’s why advertising and marketing relies on trained professionals to create visually appealing materials. Design Missoula specializes in powerful graphic design — not just pretty, but planned. There’s a reason we choose a specific font or set of colors. These seemingly subtle details have the power to create a subconscious reaction in your customers. We also love the challenge of combining your verbal message with the most effective design. Along with getting it all layed out, we’re pretty good at negotiating reasonable print prices, too.
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Content Strategy

Content strategy is the long-term planning, development, and management of all of your business’ content, from your web content to your blog posts to your print material to your email newsletter. The goal of a great content strategy is to make sure that your brand is consistent, that your content is high quality, and that your content creation is as regular and as efficient as possible.
But what does content strategy look like in action, and how can content strategy help you business, right now?
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Web Design | Web Development

Your web site can be a powerful connection tool for your customers — or it can be dead weight in your budget. DesignMissoula can help your web site be relevant and productive. We start by understanding current, effective web trends. Since those change on a shockingly regular basis, we do a lot of training and research to stay on top of our game. So if you are looking for a personal website or an ecommerce website Design Missoula can help you.
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Search Engine Optimization

Remember Tic-Tac-Toe? For all its simplicity, it’s a strategy game. The person best able to predict an opponent’s next move wins. (Well, owning the center square also helps.) Web sites are kind of like that, only on two levels. First, you have to be able to predict how your customers search online. Second, you have to be able to predict what a search engine will focus on in your web content. The goal is to wind up number one in the search rankings. Sound complicated? Design Missoula is really good at strategy games. We excel at identifying key search terms and strategically sprinkling them throughout the web page to boost your search rankings. Higher search rankings means more traffic to your web site. More traffic to your web site means more opportunities to connect with customers. Contact Design Missoula to talk about how we can improve your web site performance.

Community Support

Design Missoula believes we have a duty to give back to the community that supports our business. For us, that takes the form of using our professional skills to further the causes of local non-profits. Every month, we choose one non-profit and donate time to help them get the word out about their services. Those services can range from assistance for domestic violence victims to making art accessible for the entire community. We’re proud to stand by these important organizations.
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