Missoula’s Surgical Arts Centre has received a facelift of its own

Design Missoula launched a totally new site for the surgical facility, which specializes in cosmetic facial surgery, oral and maxillofacial surgery, and sleep apnea surgery.

To complete the redesign, we had to sift through hundreds of photos, read dozens of medical pamphlets, and learn a whole lot about surgical facilities. When we came out on the other side, the Surgical Arts Centre website was a whole new world – and had a whole lot of new features:

  • Awesome new visual and UX design.
  • All new before & after patient galleries.
  • Great new professional photos.
  • Helpful, high-quality videos for users.
  • Lots of new, accurate procedure descriptions.
  • A new “Why Montana?” marketing page.

The Surgical Arts Centre website redesign story…

In recent years, the Surgical Arts Centre has gone through a number of new websites and rebranding efforts. But while they had finally settled on a logo, a business name, and a brand identity, they struggled with getting a website that looked as professional and top-notch as the services they offered. At the same time, they didn’t feel like their online marketing efforts were helping them discover the patients who really needed their services: they wanted to make certain that people across the country knew about their most innovative procedures, especially their surgical sleep apnea solution, which has a success rate over 90 percent.

With that information in mind, we began designing a website that was, above all, user-friendly, consistent with their brand, and filled with clear, accurate information. Simply reorganizing the information on the old website in a more intuitive was a huge first step in the right direction. When all of the puzzle pieces were in place, the final product was a real reflection of the centre, from its clean look to its patient-centered approach.

What the Surgical Arts Centre has to say about their new website…

The days of a website functioning like a yellow pages ad are over. The team at Design Missoula understands that a website must serve as a continuously evolving resource to the world about your area of expertise that drives potential clients to your site. They get it and I’m excited to have a website that is sure to be instrumental to our future growth.”

Get to Know the Surgical Arts Centre…

Established in 1996 and located in Missoula, Montana, the Surgical Arts Centre helps patients from across North America with a number of surgical and healthcare needs, including:

  • Sleep apnea surgery.
  • Dental implants.
  • Tooth removal & wisdom tooth removal.
  • Corrective jaw surgery.
  • Cosmetic facial treatments and surgery.
  • TMJ disorder treatments and surgery.
  • Skincare treatments and surgeries.

Currently, the surgical center is staffed by Dr. Clark Taylor, who specializes in cosmetic facial surgery and oral and maxillofacial surgery, and Dr. John Holtzen, who specializes in oral and maxillofacial surgery. In addition, Dr. Lisa Pacheco, a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine, directs the center’s medical spa, which provides patients with a wide array of non-surgical skincare and healthcare treatments.

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