Dear new business,

We know you’re eager to get your beautiful new shop/concept/organization onto the Internet for the world to see. Maybe you’ve already begun to scour the Internet for quick logo design ideas, and have read nine hundred “How to Market Your New Business” articles.  We know what it’s like trying to find the fastest, easiest, cheapest way to get your brand and logo out there.  After 5 hours trying to learn some web design on the fly, you’re getting overwhelmed.  In fact, you’re ready to settle for that icon you made on the “free logo generator” site and throw some images up on a free blog. You imagine you can just redirect the site to the “good one” later.

But woah, Nelly.  Don’t be hasty.  When you start getting overwhelmed and ready to settle, its definitely not time to make a decision. Its time to walk away from the computer, and think about something else for a little while. Settling for something just “okay” now, can make huge headaches later.

Carpenters have a great saying: “Measure nine times, cut once.” We think that is a great saying that applies to so many big creative decisions. That’s why when we do logo design for you , we give you a selection of options, so that you can find the right look for your brand. You avoid having to learn new concepts like “the rule of thirds” (how to layout a page so it is balanced and eye catching), or marketing psychology , because designers have already learned that for you. Hopefully, working with someone with experience rather than doing endless online searches for “web design ideas” and “free logo design” is a lot more pleasant, as well.

We’re not just trying to promote ourselves though.  We recommend that you actually would be making a lot better use of your time Googling “local web designer” and checking out the styles and costs of several design companies, than you would trying to find the cheapest prepackaged web design template, or trying your own hand at the logo design graphics. Many designers will even consult with you for free before you hire them, and these discussions can be an inspiring way to get more of a sense of what your business needs. Even if you are a creative artist yourself, having an outside expert can be priceless, and we highly recommend it.

So don’t give up, just “work smarter, not harder! “  Think of the way you would work with a car mechanic. Some fixes seem simple and you may be able to figure out how to do-it-yourself…but sometimes your time and energy is so much better spent sending your rig into the shop.  Finding an expert is efficient and resourceful, leaving you much more time for your expertise: your business!