In the past few months I have run into a few companies, four to be exact, who are in need of a logo redesign. Their first go at it they felt wasn’t close enough to what they wanted or that the designer just didn’t get what they were trying to convey. So, my first response was “did you fill out a logo questionnaire?” Not one actually answered yes! So, with that said I thought this post might come in handy for quite a few businesses looking for a logo design. Whether you go with Design Missoula or another company this should be a definite piece of the puzzle. It takes literally ten to fifteen minutes and helps significantly in guiding the logo design process. Here are links to download the logo questionnaire in word document¬†or pdf¬†format.

If you have logo questions please don’t hesitate to contact Design Missoula! Here is also a quick overview of our logo design process.