Ignite Hope: Help Spark the Conversation

Ignite Hope is a campaign created to spark a conversation about what we all hope for humanity. Then, using that conversation to ignite actions to make our hopes for humanity a reality for all.

Step One: Answer the question: “What is your hope for humanity?”

Your voice matters in being able to spark thoughts, ideas, and beautiful actions!

Answer via written response or a video below.

What is your hope for humanity?

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  • Video with response to "What is your hope for humanity?"

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Step Two: Coming soon! Donate warm items to the Poverello Center!

Design Missoula and Gravity Media are partnering with The Poverello Center in Missoula, Montana to shine light and bring hope to those who need it during the cold winter months. More information on this portion coming very, very soon! 

Feel free to submit your information on ignitehope.designmissoula.com to stay in the loop on what you can do to help keep others warm during the brutal winter months.

Step Three: Give out your items in person. Bring the fam!

Sunday, December 18th from 11a.m.-12:30p.m. hand out your items personally or bring your children to help you do so. Coffee and hot chocolate provided!

If you can’t show up there will be others that will happily hand out and many that will enjoy the warm items you donate. So please still donate!

Step Four: Love up on our sponsors.

So much goodness is happening because of them.

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