Nonprofits aren’t usually selling a product. They’re providing important social services. Nonprofit Marketing is telling the world about what you do, so you can help more people! And in this media-driven world, its really hard to get your message to stand out among the rest. Especially when you have your office assistant-student-executive director-board secretary also juggling your graphic design, web content, and public service announcements. On old software. We know how it is, because we’ve worked for non-profits ourselves. That’s why we have a passion for helping nonprofits in any way we can.

DesignMissoula created the Love Is the Movement competition – so that we can spend a month getting your stories out there for you, PLUS give one lucky nonprofit dedicated design services – up to $500 worth.

We think you deserve something better than a flier designed on Microsoft Word at midnight. Think of it like a spa treatment for your image.

You deserve to stand out and get noticed. We know you’re doing tons of wonderful things every day.

Have your fans write to us — they might win something too. A commercial business partner might say, “It’s win-win!” but in this case, we say “It’s love-love!” Because we’re gushy like that! Awwwwww!