DesignMissoula’s Love is the Movement Competition has reached a winner.

The winning organization is WORD and the storywriter is Robyn Hegland.
See her story and please don’t forget to check out and thank our amazing local sponsors for supporting love is the movement!

Robyn Hegland – WORD

Working at Women’s Opportunity & Resource Development, Inc. (WORD, Inc) has, to be rather cliché, changed my life. When I started six months ago, I had a Women’s Studies degree, a bit of fundraising experience, and no idea what to do. My VISTA position at WORD has given me the skills and confidence to put my knowledge to work in the nonprofit field. More importantly, it has provided me with a sense of community which I have never had before. Every day, I work with the most genuine, caring people who truly want to make a difference in the world. Every day they work to ease the daily battles of low income women and families in Missoula.

One of the most fantastic moments of my life was watching a WORD client accept a donated car from her friends at our organization. One day last summer, a man walked in and donated a very nice, used Toyota Camry in his mother’s name, stating “My mother had a rough time of it in Missoula, raising three boys on her own. I want this car to go to a mother who needs it.”

Our advocates made recommendations, chose a candidate and invited her in to ‘update her file.’ Meanwhile, the staff decorated the car with balloons and a sign reading “THIS IS YOUR CAR!”
It was like a live game show- the client came outside, realized what was going on, and burst into tears.

This client is a single mother of three teenage boys, and the family previously had no transportation. We have seen her about town in her Camry, and we know what a difference this donation has made in her life. I am very proud to work at an organization which can facilitate
small miracles for families in need, and I am happy to be learning and growing in such a positive environment, alongside such inspiring people.