New projects:
With spring just around the corner, DesignMissoula is extra energized about fresh ideas and new projects. So far this spring, we launched our Love is the Movement Competition (ended last Wednesday). We look forward to helping WORD, the winning organization, come up with new design materials! Plus, we’re creating a new website for The Parenting Place (family resource center/mafti), and we’re helping Families First move their website to the WordPress platform. Outside of our design for a cause projects we are starting the spring with lots of new and exciting seeds growing. Some of those seeds are logo designs, small business collateral packages, an implementation plan design (600 pages in length!) and wordpress websites.

New people:
Whenever we work with nonprofits we ALWAYS meet lots of wonderful new people. The Executive Directors and staff we have met are all such passionate and caring people. It’s inspiring to see them doing things that are bettering our community and providing daily acts of kindness. Aside from the chance to be creative, the people we meet are a huge reason we love doing these projects. Another one of our favorites is working with local small businesses and meeting the brains and idea makers behind each new business. The passion and energy that comes from bringing a new business to life is one of a kind.

New Geek Heaven:
Have a hobby or passion? Maybe your thing is fishing, so you get excited about beautifully tied flies, and you might even have a favorite blog or magazine about the sport. For us, we get all excited about fonts, colors, and amazing web platforms. This spring, we’re in geek heaven over a new ecommerce platform, magento. It is an ecommerce platform that allows mass amounts of growth for a company. Magento has more customizable design options than most shopping cart platforms, and the functionality is robust. While not necessarily ideal for every business, it can really ease the growing pains better than other solutions would for many companies. A few sites we have on the magento platform right now are and Another in the works is Tucker’s Beverages located in Texas.

New Faves:
– Sara’s absolute favorite design magazine is HOW  “I plan to someday, hopefully this year even, attend the huge HOW Conference. “

– Debby is really into the advice Janet Bloch offers in her book , Strategic Marketing Tools for Visual Artists . “Seriously you guys, just read it.”

creatticca is one of Sara’s top places to look for inspiration, and she also follows designers’ blogs like Brian Hoff, David Airey, and Jessica Hische

-and Debby just discovered the visual candyland that is Pinterest for her inspiration and ideas.

New Places!
DesignMissoula is going to TYPO San Francisco event in April, and we’re really excited!

What are some things you’re looking forward to this spring? Even when things get hectic, we think there’s always a little room for inspiration. Let us know if you’d like us to help you get something to grow!