Surgical Sleep Solutions offers patients around the country an innovative and unique sleep apnea surgery –but they were having trouble getting the word out about their procedure. Their website had been hastily thrown together and they hadn’t taken many solid steps when it came to marketing and PR strategies and campaigns. They wanted to advertise their services and improve their online presence in a professional and organized way, but they weren’t sure where to start. They had an outstanding procedure, but they weren’t sure how to find the sleep apnea sufferers who needed them most.

One Stop for Branding, Design, Marketing, and PR

Design Missoula’s fix for Surgical Sleep Solutions required two steps: first to improve the center’s branding and web presence and then to engage in some thoughtful marketing and PR.

The project began with a newly designed website, a new logo, and fresh content. The logo solidified their brand, the new website design helped users easily locate information, and the new content eliminated overly-technical medical talk and spoke directly to the concerns of potential patients.

Next, Design Missoula created three unique press kits: one general kit, one kit geared toward sleep apnea and the trucking industry, and one geared toward sleep apnea and the aviation industry. In addition, the team wrote and released press releases related to the surgical center, sleep apnea, and sleep apnea treatments. And this is just the beginning of our marketing and PR plan for the center!

About Surgical Sleep Solutions

With locations in rancho Mirage, California; Missoula, Montana; and Denver, Colorado, Surgical Sleep Solutions offers an innovative form of bimaxillary advancement surgery – a sleep apnea procedure that moves the upper and lower jaw forward to increase airflow and unblock airways. Surgical Sleep Solution’s treatment model involves one-on-one care for the patient, a shorter recovery time than similar surgeries, and a 95 to 99 percent success rate.

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